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10mm Lever Belt 3" Wide - Black - IPF Approved

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Size: XS - 24" - 30"
Buckle: Black (standard)

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The Narrow Lever Belt is an excellent choice for women, shorter athletes, and those who prefer the extra mobility of a narrower belt. The belt works by increasing intra-abdominal pressure, helping to improve your lifts while protecting your spine.

Constructed from premium Amara synthetic leather, the Narrow Lever Belt offers a comfortable and secure fit that is perfect for those with a shorter torso. The lever mechanism (used with our steel buckles) means that you can quickly take the belt on and off between your sets while offering you a high level of support. Our lever belts have been used in competitions to lift over 400kg.


Like our other lever belts, the Narrow Lever Belt is IPF approved, making it suitable for both powerlifting training and competitions. This belt is also perfect for other strength sports, such as strong(wo)man and bodybuilding. The Narrow Lever Belt sports a sleek black finish with white logo embroidery.

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Material: Amara Synthetic Leather, Black

Closure: Steel buckle (included)

Width: 3 inches

Thickness: 10mm

IPF Approved


    XS 60-76
    S 73-89
    M 86-99
    L 96-109

    If you are unsure on what size you need, watch the following video to help you get the correct size:


    Does the belt come with a buckle?

    Yes -- it comes with a Strength Shop steel buckle, which has a lifetime performance warranty.


    Is this belt approved for use in competitions?

    Yes, all our lever belts, including this one, are IPF approved, making them suitable for use in powerlifting competitions.


    Can I use this belt for sports other than powerlifting?

    Absolutely! The Narrow Lever Belt is also popular for other sports, including strong(wo)man and bodybuilding.


    Why is the belt narrower than standard belts?

    The reduced 7.6cm width is designed to provide greater mobility and comfort, particularly for individuals with shorter torsos.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Ryan Nathaniel Adams

    Very quality lever belt for a fair price! Would recommend!

    Matthew Bartholomew

    I've used many belts over the years, and I can honestly say that this is the most supportive and comfortable belt I have ever used. It also looks awesome, so great job on the design!

    Luke Lewis-Bannis

    The belt is great very easy and comfortable to use would recommend to anyone new or well into their lifting journey. Customer support was amazing as I had placed the wrong order and they fixed it immediately.

    Daniel Sawyer

    Fantastic belt

    Catherine Roe
    Excellent product

    Great product