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Chest Supported Lat Row Bench

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Back muscle engagement: Focuses on strengthening the latissimus dorsi and other back muscles, essential for improving posture and upper body strength.

Supports bench press training: By working the antagonistic muscles involved in the bench press, you can help balance muscle development, prevent injuries, and improve your bench.

Prevents lower back strain: The design of the bench allows users to perform row movements without relying on the lower back, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Please note: Weight plate(s) are not included with the bench. Shop weight plates


Our Lat Row Bench is newly upgraded with a thicker pivot arm. This bench is designed to target the muscles essential for a strong back and support bench press performance by engaging the antagonistic muscles – all while reducing the risk of lower back strain. 

This bench is a favourite among strength athletes and is equally suited for both casual and commercial gym environments. It’s durable, and rated for up to 350kg.


  • Width: 940mm
  • Height: 1155mm
  • Length: 2208mm
  • Distance from the footplate to the chest pad: 850mm
  • Sleeve length: 240mm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Weight: Approximately 50kg
  • Load capacity: Rated up to 350kg


It's important to handle the bar and handles with care. Lower in a controlled manner to prevent any potential damage to the bench or frame. Any bending of the frame resulting from dropping or uncontrolled lowering will not be covered under warranty.


Is assembly required?
Yes, some assembly is required, but it comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

How should the bench be maintained?
Regular checks for loose bolts and parts are recommended, along with controlled handling of weights to prevent damage.

Is the bench suitable for heavy lifting? 
Absolutely, it's designed to withstand up to 350kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
William Austin
Chest Supported Lat Row Bench

Delivered within a few days, well packed and easy to assemble.

It feels pretty heavy duty for home gym use and should last many years of regular use.

In use it works well and targets the relevant muscles, for someone like me with low back issues, this machine allows me to lift heavy while protecting my lower back.

Fits perfectly along the width of my single garage and doesn't take up too much space.

Josh Weston
Great value for money

Not quite on the level of expensive commercial pieces, in terms of aesthetics, but the actual feel of the machine is great. The loading sleeve seems a little short at first (it may be if you’re only using Bumpers), but the leverage lengths make relatively lightweight feel tough. Definitely recommend this for the price

Well made and good value

Bought for my home gym. Well made and very effective in isolating the back. Prompt delivery.

Lat row bench ideal kit for home gym

Brilliant bit of kit , thank you. !!

Scott T

Have this in my garage gym and it's a beast, the handle bar design allows for full range of motion on the row. Note that the other review was for the v1 model, the v2 model has no issue in terms of pad bolt placement.