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Floor Glute Ham Developer/Hip Thrust Machine

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Floor Glute Ham Developer/Hip Thrust Machine is the ideal machine for glute exercises, power work and hip extensions.

The machine combines both a hip thruster pad section and an adjustable height, floor glute ham developer.

The compact design is perfect for any commercial or home gym as well as PT studio which have limited space available. The machine is easily transported with use of the handles and the wheels.

Hip thrusts are widely used to improve and build glute strength and when incorporated with the band pegs, the use of resistance bands can add further variables to the exercises. GHD’s are widely regarded as a must use machine in most strength and conditioning programmes for strengthening the hamstring, glute, and posterior chain. A wide range of exercises can be performed including Hip Extensions, Hip Thrusts, Glute Ham Raises and Back Raises.

The foot plate and supports of the GHD section are heavy duty and fully adjustable with quick-release pins, meaning the users can quickly adjust to their required settings.


Length: 160cm -185cm (including handles, range from adjustable foot plate at shortest setting to largest)
Width: 71cm (Including band pages 108cm)
Pad Length: 71cm
Pad Width: 44cm
Pad Height: 22cm
Knee Pad Width: 19cm
Knee Pad Height: 3cm
Footplate Width: 56cm
Footplate Height: 33cm
Footpads Circumference: 30cm
Footpad maximum distance between top and bottom foot pad: 16cm
Band Peg Length: 19cm
Band Peg Circumference: 8.4cm
Distance from pad to first band peg hole: 18cm
Distance from pad to fourth band peg hole: 46cm
Leg Box Section Width: 7cm
Leg Box Section Height: 3cm
Height from pad to floor: 40cm
Maximum height from floor to foot adjustment: 54cm