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Garage Cage - 1.85m high

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Strength Shop Garage Cage, the shorter brother of the Thor Power cage for use in a limited space! This cage is only 1.85m tall making it perfect to be used in a room with a low ceiling.

Our cage comes with band hooks at both the top and the bottom of the cage, as well as dipping handles, and a pull up/chin up attachment across the top of the cage. Bar holders at both the front and back of the cage, giving ease of use whatever you are doing.

Small increments means a very versatile range of height options for both the safety bars and the bar holders. The highest setting for the J Hooks is approx. 145cm.

Pullup bar is removable so there are no height constraints for users.

Rated to 400kg.

Approx. dimensions;

Floor to top side of pullup bar - 185cm
Floor to underside of pullup bar - 183cm
Floor to top of back crossbar - 180.5cm
Floor to underside of back cross bar - 174.5cm

Width - 120cm
Depth - 150cm (104cm upright to upright)
Tube size -60x60mm

Dip handles - 66cm apart, 30cm length each, 30mm diameter
Pullup bar - 30mm diameter
Safety catchers - 25mm diameter
Band pegs - 25cm long

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lee Taylor
Great setup for price - some small improvements possible

I've had this cage in my home gym for about 2 years now. Overall I'm very happy with it. For the price it covers everything it needs to.

There is one really obvious improvement that could be made which is to add additional higher holes for the hooks (as mentioned in a previous review). Like the other reviewed I've resorted to adding an additional set of holes myself for squatting. The highest available holes when it comes out of the factory are just too low for most people.

I also use it now without the pull up bar as I got sick of bumping my head on it. I'm sure removing this wouldn't be recommended, and I'm not making a recommendation to do so, but it feels solid as a rock with the weights I lift so I'm happy to continue this way.

Overall would recommend, but please SS, do the obvious and add higher holes!

Tom Watson
Design needs thought

I am. 6 foot male. I have ordered this as I have low ceiling height. Not because I’m short. However the tallest squat height is 145cm… there is so much space on the uprights for taller mounting holes. I ended up taking my to a fabricator who drilled holes for me which makes the rack work for me. The build quality is good but the finish needs improvement. There were 9/10 blemishes, scratches, abrasions etc to the powder coat. The worst is on the pull up bar which fortunately is in the opposite side to the one I use but it would be unusable if you were to use that side. I really like the rack (now that it fits me) and it does come with a load of attachments such as extra bar mounts, pull up bar and dip bars. Would recommend but Strength Shop need to do something about their quality control.

jackie culkin

Just bought this rack and I’m so glad I did it’s great quality as always with strength shop products delivery was very quick as well I would highly recommend this cage to anyone

Garage Cage

Had this for over a year…this has been an excellent rack for the £££, I have a timber built gym with low roof and it’s perfect for my needs. Took an hour or 2 to put together with 2 people, pretty straightforward. I’m 5ft 6 so unracking squats is a good fit. Bench press no problem, pull-ups and dips all good as well. Very happy. I upgraded the j cups as the standard ones scuff the bars cosmetically. Happy customer overall no complaints from me. I’m a fan of stength shop gear overall.

Solid rack, perfect size

Really happy with this rack. Took about an hour for two of us to put it together. Definitely recommend at least two people as it requires holding bits in place while bolts are tightened. Once put together, the rack feels solid. The height was perfect for my low garage. I'm about 5ft 9in. I squat low bar, and the top rack height available is the perfect height where I would've chosen to use even if I had the choice to go higher. For high bar/safety bar squats it is slightly lower than I would want, but I can make do with that as it's rare that I'd do them anyway. If worried about height, I recommend getting the optional j-cups as they hold the bar about 1cm higher than the standard bar holders that come with the rack. I haven't bolted the rack down to the ground yet but will be doing when I have cleared enough space to put it exactly where I want it. I would feel very confident loading up any weight needed once it's bolted in. One thing that sets this apart from other similar UK brands is that there are so many rack height choices. Easily enough holes to be able to choose a comfortable rack height for bench, etc. Also very happy with the price for how solid it is!