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Neoprene Back Support - 7mm

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Neoprene back supports keep the back muscles warm and protected while lifting easing any back pain as well as aiding in stability and support throughout the lift.

Being made from neoprene means these back supports are comfortable to wear at all times while continuingly to offer a high level of support to your back during lifting or events training.

The belt has a large strong velcro patch for a firm secure fit, then an elasticated strap is used to securely lock the belt in place so there is no loosening during any lift. The back portion of the belt also has stabilising splints that offer an added layer of support allowing you to brace and keep your back protected during lifts.

Neoprene belts are ideal use in Strong(wo)man events training as they offer a good level of support without causing too much restriction to movement but similarly they can be used as a base layer in conjunction with any of our other belts which would be better suited for heavy events training.

Available in two different thicknesses, 5mm for light support, 7mm for added extra support and warmth.

Size Guideline:
XS - 56 -64cm
S - 64 - 72cm
M - 72 - 80cm
L - 80 - 90cm
XL - 90 - 100cm
XXL - 100 - 110cm
XXXL - 110 - 120cm
XXXXL - 120 - 130cm

Customer Reviews

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Robert Worrall

Excellent product. Well made, does exactly what it says. Excellent customer service aswell. I always use Strength shop for my equipment.