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Flat Bench V2

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The new and improved Flat Bench comes with a unique flat front foot design, ensuring sufficient room for lifters to position their feet without compromise, enhancing stability and body alignment during lift – particularly important for competitive lifters.

The Flat Bench features a handy handle at the front and attached wheels at the back to allow effortless navigation around your workout space.

Engineered to withstand a load capacity of up to 600kg, this bench is perfect for both novice lifters and seasoned powerlifters. It also makes an excellent addition to commercial gym spaces.


The Flat Bench is built to last and is made from a durable 3mm steel frame. The bench boasts a substantial pad size for the support you need during those high-intensity workouts. The pad is made from high-quality PVC.

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Load Capacity: 600kg
Material: 3mm Steel Frame
Overall length (including wheels): 145cm
Width of the rear foot: 59cm
Pad length: 120cm
Pad width: 30cm
Pad thickness: 6cm
Height: 42cm
Weight: 20kg


What’s the benefit of the flat front foot design?

The flat front foot design of our bench allows for improved foot positioning. This increases your stability during lifts, helps maintain proper body alignment, and can contribute to a more effective and safe lifting experience.

How do the handle and wheels improve the bench's usability?
The integrated handle and wheels simplify the process of moving the bench. Whether it's within your home gym or a commercial setting, the bench can be quickly relocated to accommodate your workout needs.

What does the bench's load capacity actually mean?
The load capacity of 600kg is the maximum weight the bench can safely support. This includes both the weight of the lifter and any weights they may be lifting. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Flat Bench V2

Quality at a sensible price.

Happy customer
Brilliant bench.. and top class service again

Great bench, solid, easy to assemble, well worth the money and cost comparison to other cheaper benches, it's well worth it for the quality, and stability it allows for in the bench lift. Easy to move around. I love it. Fantastic service from Strength Shop as allways.

Will Finlay

Flat Bench V2

Great bench

This is a really good solid bench and great value for money. I have no complaints about its performance and would recommend. I'm sure it will last me many years.
I'd suggest two possible minor improvements:
1. Lowering the wheels slightly closer to the ground so that they engage with the ground immediately on lifting the handle at the front would make it a bit easier to move about
2. A simple modification to allow it be stood up on end would be a good improvement.

Solid, great bit of kit

Had the bench well over a year now. I dont like to leave reviews on anything until I've given the item a decent bit of use. Very pleased with this bench. I got it during lockdown and its had a pretty hard life, not because I lift heavy but more because its been used outside in all weathers, sun, rain, even some light snow. Its been stored in a shed and dragged out on the wheels multiple times a week. Great bit of kit and Im really pleased i got this and not some crappy cheap amazon bench. At the time I was questioning myself whether I was spending too much on this bench but I can assure you this is a quality bit of kit.