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Olympic Cambered Bench Press / Row Bar

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The Cambered Bench Press / Row Bar is a great way to add extra range of movement to Bench Press and Rowing movements, as opposed to a straight bar which is limited as soon as it reaches your torso. It also makes the load more unstable hence tougher to control and press off of the chest.

The Cambered Bench Press / Row Bar can also add variety to your squats. It's shape forces you to stay tighter in the bottom position of a squat more so than you would with a regular barbell as the center of gravity is shifted slightly forward and becomes unstable if you swing back or forward on the way up. The shift in the bars center of gravity changes your line and shape just enough to make it a slightly different movement to a regular squat.

Great for adding a bit of variety and a few new challenges into any training program.

Length - 220cm
Shaft Diameter - 30mm
Weight - 18kg
Max suggested load - 250kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Makes rows better!

The camber in this bar gives you that little bit extra range of movement allowing you to really engage those back muscles. Excellent bar!

Superb bar

used this bar once at my friends home gym to press, and once at berlin strength for rows. Great bar, well made, deep camber - really challenging, and gets even more so the closer the grip you take. Real eye opener, great for conditioning and protecting your shoulders and pecs through training carefully with it. Also brilliant for rows, and bench rows. Desperate to get myself this for my own home gym when it is back in stock!