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Riot Heavy Duty Olympic Loadable Dumbbell Handle - 32mm Handle

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Thicker handle, rated to 200kg, rotating sleeves and longer loading pins, this dumbbell has been made for serious weights. With normal dumbbell handles the capacity is often quickly achieved, leaving big pressers and heavy weight dumbbell rowers without any further space for more weight.

Not any more, with the 230mm length loading sleeve you can fit as much as you can ever lift, and with a solid structure like with a full blown barbell this handle is made to last.
Designed for the strongest of people, ideal for every strength athlete!

Handle thickness of 32mm makes it a comfortable dumbbell to press. It has rotating 50mm sleeves and the sleeves have a end cap, just like a full size barbell.

NOTE: Please avoid dropping. The handle has been made with straight steel which has not been designed to be dropped from overhead or chest height.

Weight of the handle: 7.2kg
Length of the handle: 670mm
Length of the sleeve: 240mm
Loadable sleeve length: 230mm
Sleeve thickness: 50mm
Sleeves: rotating sleeves with bushings and end caps.
Coating: Black oxide plated
Rated to: 200kg
Price is for 1 (one) handle, NOT A PAIR.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Morgan
Excellent product

Due to asthma,diabetes and a triple bypass (amongst other things)I’m no longer a 17.5 stone powerlifter. At 45 I’m always ill and hardly leave the house, it’s not a sob story it’s just context for why I got these for home use. Having been given the all clear to train now I’ve been determined to try and get back some of my former self. These are literally life-changing. They are well-built, well worth the money and give me the chance to deadlift even if it’s not 280kg for reps! Having said that I get the feeling they could cope. Best investment I’ve made in years and very pleased. The handle part is wide enough to do dumbbell deadlifts without that irritating drag up your legs, the grip itself is thicker than my old bars but that’s fine as I need a better grip anyway. I know where to go for top quality products at bargain prices now. Surprised by how solid they are to be honest. Excellent all round. Oh and next day delivery I don’t think I paid for! Brilliant.

Bogdan B
Good value for the money, perfect for what I needed

I had this dumbbell handle for more than two years now and I used it for snatches, one hand deadlift, clean and press, bent press, rows, odd sleeve lifting etc. I love the 32mm thickness, feels better for pressing or grip strength than your standard 28mm. The knurling could have been sharper Besides the paint completely going away where the first weight plate sits it is in perfect condition (I only loaded it to 55kg because that is how many plates I have, but I can easily believe the 200kg claim) Buyer beware: this is the longest dumbbell available on the market, is very awkard for curls or a lot of two dumbbell exercises, I personally think this it was intended for one arm use only. read the specifications before hand!