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Riot Squat Stand - 1.8m or 2.3m

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Size: 1.8m

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This professional and stable squat stand is ideal for ambitious home gym training, PT studios but also commercial gyms. For a squat stand, the design is very solid and a space-saving alternative to our cages. The robust 75mm uprights and a steel thickness of 3mm ensures that this squat stand is super stable and can support even the heaviest loads. It is quick to assemble and can be anchored to the floor with bolts via two cut-outs at the bottom of the uprights for even more stability. A high-quality black powder coating protects the steel from scratches and erosion.

The boltholes are numbered for easy recognition. This way, you simply memorize the number and can quickly select the necessary setting the next time. The 1.8m version has 30, the 2.3m 40 front-side holes.


Compatible with most of the 75mm Riot range add-ons. This way, you are not limited to the exercises like squats or overhead presses, but can also perform assistance exercises such as dips or pull-ups on the same training station. The top to bottom holes also make benching possible.

Running from top to bottom, the holes can also be used for the individual bench set-up. From powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, to general weight training, the Riot Squad Stand offers a robust training station. 

Our Riot series has more to offer, such as our black Riot Bumper Plates or the Riot Utility Bench 2.0.


  • Material: 3mm steel
  • Two height options available: 1.8m & 2.3m
  • Fixed width and depth: 127cm x 122cm (applies to both versions)
  • Colour: black (powder coated)
  • Upright profile: 75mm
  • Pull-up bar included
  • Compatible with all attachments from the Riot range

*Please note: 1x pair of 75mm bar holders are included, additional bar holders/j-hooks etc. can be ordered separately (see top right).

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Stephen van Beek
Phenomenal Rack

Bought this rack for my garage and it's fantastic. I've pressed, squatted and benched out of it so far and it's absolutely rock solid. I haven't lifted heavy in it yet but it's far more solidly built than any rack I've used in a commercial gym. I've added the plate holders to it and they sit at a good height. I added the dip bar attachment and it works well too, with no movement for me at 110kg body weight.

It was pretty easy to put together, everything fit well. The pull-up bar is super thick, but a little bit smooth. I'll probably end up wrapping it with tape to give a better grip.

The only improvement for this I can really think of would be to add some more interesting pull-up handles. If I could do neutral grip pull-ups and wide grip with angled handles then it would be the perfect rack.