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Riot Olympic Safety Squat Bar

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With a safety squat bar, the weight is positioned in the centre of gravity. When first using the Riot Olympic Safety Squat Bar, it may feel as if the weight is a bit in the front, but it's actually somewhere between a back squat and front squat, in a neutral position.

The safety bar is also ideal for training when having injuries or in a recovery process. Limited shoulder mobility is also something where an SSB can be practical. BUT don’t think it’s just a rehab bar. The strongest lifters incorporate this special barbell into their training schedules. Because of its positioning, you’ll be squatting with a more upright back and increased taxation of your anterior chain. It allows for slightly more weight to be moved than conventional.

Even though the shape is different, the bar can be racked with most hooks. The diameter of the bar is 50mm at the sleeves and bar shaft. Comfortable and securely: the grip is knurled.

The new pads are made in a one-piece way with a strong Velcro in the back and of synthetic leather. They’re tight fitted and robust, so also with heavy loads it will provide comfortable cushioning.

In case you want to upgrade your old pad or need to replace the pads, you’ll find the individual & improved pads here.

  • Weight: 22kg
  • Length: 226cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 39cm
  • Colour: black & chrome
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Suggested max. load: 350kg

Please see the section on barbells in our Terms of Service.

Pair of spring collars included with the bar.

Tom Martin squatting 300kg on our Riot Safety Squat Bar (with old pads):

Asif Ahmed squatting 320kg on our Riot Safety Squat Bar (with old pads):

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Matt Craft
Most comfortable ssb I have used.

Solid bar, fantastic one piece padding. We use it in a PT studio and it is a hit with the PTs and clients.

Great quality

The Riot bar is very solid, it will last a lifetime. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered from Strength Shop.

Fantastic bar

Fantastic bar, used several ssbs and this one is the best by a huge margin. Axle shaft means absolutely 0 whip which was an issue with other ssbs, one piece pads so it don't move mid squat, balance is perfect so you can use hands to steady yourself for Hatfields/calf raises etc.

Best quality ssb around and not much more expensive than other basic versions, delivery brilliant as well turned up the next day despite backlog and strikes etc.

Great company great product.

A must-have bar!

By far the best SSB I have used. Invested in this due to a hand injury affecting my ability to use a straight bar. This bar is unreal! Zero whip and completely stable across the back. Pads are firm but comfortable. Would definitely recommend this bar. Don’t try to save your £50/60 and get a cheaper option that bounces around your back.

Brilliant Bar

Used a couple SSB over the years & this one is the best I’ve used. Love it, so glad I got one