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Heavy Duty Riot Yoke 2.0

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Why choose the Heavy-Duty Riot Yoke 2.0?

  • Made for commercial use – tough, sturdy 3mm steel 
  • Interchangeable uprights
  • Use as a training station for various lifts 
  • Disassembled quickly into easily portable parts

More than just a yoke

Invest in value without breaking the bank. This yoke extends your gym to a broader and dynamic training environment – you’ll buy more than just a yoke. It’s easily converted into a semi-stationary training station for basic strength lifts like squats, bench and presses, which increases the amount of different exercises possible. With up to 600kg in loadable weight, this yoke is made to withstand top-level athletes' attempts.

Safety First, Always

You won’t have to worry about stability with our yoke. Four red safety pins, with an extra bolt at the back ensure that the cross-beam is securely in place, while UHMW guiding inserts inside the cross-beam frame offer a tight, non-wobbly fit, protecting both the construction and the upright itself. 

And don't forget about your floors – our small sled-type feet will help with the longevity of your flooring. If you need to move the yoke to a different location, like for competition or outdoor training, it can be easily disassembled into manageable pieces for hassle-free transportation. Convenience and durability are at the forefront. The loadable weight pins can be individually detached as well. Protective layers at the base of the loadable pins protect the plates as well as the yoke itself.

Customizable yoke uprights 

With an additional pair of uprights available as an add-on, you can upgrade the 1.89m yoke to the 2.30m version. 

To add some grip to your yoke walk, use our performance Strongman Grip Shirt.


  • 75mm x 75mm box section
  • Finish: black powder coating
  • Red security pins with an extra bolt in the back
  • Laser cut numbering for every hole
  • Loading pin diameter: 40mm
  • Removable loading pins
  • UHMW guiding inserts
  • Max. suggested load: 600kg
  • Height weight pins: 28.5cm
  • Diameter weight pins: 50mm
  • Diameter cross-beam: 8cm
Please note: We recommend using weights on the pins at all times to increase the stability of the base.

Measurements of 189cm version

  • Height: 189cm
  • Length: 125cm
  • Width: 135.4cm
  • Weight: 71.4kg

Measurements of 230cm version

  • Height: 230cm
  • Length: 125cm
  • Width: 135.4cm


Are there any additional attachments or accessories available for this yoke?

Yes, you can attach multiple of our cage and rack accessories that are 75mm box section compatible. Please always make sure that the attachment does not compromise your safety.

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