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Bastard Power Bar - Stainless Steel

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The latest addition to our range, we are very proud to introduce the stainless steel bastard bar. Featuring a 29mm 205,000 PSI tensile strength shaft, bronze bushings and coarse knurling, all elements of this barbell have been designed to create a balanced and refined feel.

Optimised for powerlifting, and with a slightly thicker shaft than a standard 28mm barbell, we have made sure that just the right amount of grip is in place to compensate. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials used in barbell production and provides excellent anti-corrosion protection and lasting performance with less upkeep required.


• Shaft material: Solid Stainless Steel
• Sleeve material: Steel with nickel coating
• Length of shaft between sleeves 131.5cm
• Centre knurling 15cm
• Length of plate sleeve 40.5cm with 2" diameter Suitable for Olympic Plates
• Total weight: 20kg
• Total length: 2.2m
• Shaft diameter: 29mm
• Distance Between Rings: 810mm
• Centre Knurling: Yes
• Knurling Type: Coarse
• Sleeve Type: Bronze Bushings
• Recommended Max Load/Rating: 1500lbs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 340kg Deadlift, 300kg Squat

Ideal for Powerlifting - Squats, Bench and Deadlift, and general gym use.

This bar comes with our 3-Year performance warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Great powerlifting bar

I bought this to train with alongside the 2029 power bar. This bar's knurling is a less severe version of the volcano/pitted pyramid pattern found on the 2029 bar, but I found that this slightly flatter pattern actually seems to give greater grip. This is probably due to greater contact surface area, and it's good enough to almost feel like the bar is sticky. The bar is studier than the 2029 bar, clearly manufactured to higher and more exciting standards, and has a bit more collar loadable area also. The stainless steel finish and the finish on the collars look nice and premium in person. Between my two bars I really enjoy what Strength Shop has done, and I look forward to any session where I choose to use the bastard power bar even more. I was waiting and waiting to buy a more premium bar but the stainless steel offering made this the perfect choice for me. I still recommend all bars/metal plates get a clean with 3 in 1 oil every so often and a good brushing to keep them going for a long time