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Strength Shop Bastard Squat Bar, 35mm/25kg – Fully Knurled

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Introducing the newest addition to our Bastard Bar range - The Strength Shop Bastard Squat Bar with 35mm thick shaft!

Squat bars are designed specifically for squatting, these bars have a thicker shaft diameter than a standard olympic style barbell which makes them very stiff and rigid with very little flex but also providing a larger contact area on the back providing more grip.

This bar has deep coarse knurling throughout the bar to ensure a solid grip on your back during the squat, featuring a Nickel/Phosphorus plated finish on the bar so it's hard wearing and looks as good as it performs.

35mm diameter sprung steel shaft, making this much thicker than a normal power bar and even thicker than our normal squat bar! The thicker shaft is better suited for squats and greatly increases the strength and rigidity of the bar, due to this the bar is 25kg in weight!

The sleeves have a loadable length of 43cm allowing you to fit more weight on the bar over standard olympic barbells. All of these features add up to make this a fantastic squat bar!

  • Weight - 25kg
  • Length - 2.33m
  • Shaft - 42rC Alloy Steel
  • Shaft Diameter - 35mm
  • Shaft Length - 141cm
  • Hub/Collar/Flange - 30mm
  • Distance Between Rings - 810mm and 430mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length - 430mm
  • Centre Knurling - Fully Knurled
  • Knurling Type - Coarse
  • Sleeve Type - Bronze Bushings
  • Recommended Max Load/Rating - 1500lbs Static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 450kg Squat
  • Warranty - 3 Year Performance Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Jordan James
Great squat bar

Love this bar 2 sessions with it so far it really is super stiff helping me be more stable in the squat great product, would recommend to anyone that likes to squat heavy