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Riot Combo Rack

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Our Combo Rack has long been in the making. With great attention to detail, we have focused on delivering a rock solid construction which provides a reliable user experience every time.

This is a 2-in-1 design which enables lifters to bench and squat whether privately and/or in competition meets. Using a wide base for complete stability under heavy loads, the rack features adjustable uprights, accompanied by two lever arms on the back side. These grab under the pins and guide the bar up or down. In competition, this is ideal for adjusting the bar height quickly and efficiently without having to remove plates from the barbell.

In keeping with the theme of versatility and function throughout the design, you can tailor the setup to your personal build by making adjustments to the safety spotter arms both in height and depth. The bar holders incorporate a steel roller so you can slide the bar into position for the next lift while rigid thermoplastic on the back sides protects barbell knurling from re-racking over time.

When it’s time to bench, the setup is straightforward: roll it in and secure into the docking points on either side - that’s it. And for those heavier attempts, the spotter platform is your friend. A coarse, granulated surface means your spotter can focus on assisting your lifts while keeping a solid footing for themselves.

As per usual Strength Shop standards, the entire construction uses thick, high quality steel in our classic matte black powder coating, providing a great finish and even better durability.

  • Weight: 225kgs
  • Total height (with uprights fully extended) - 195cm
  • Bench width: 30,5cm
  • Bench length: 120cm
  • 2-in1 combo bench and squat rack
  • 3-5mm steel construction
  • Two-tiered bar holder system for benching and squatting
  • Suitable for powerlifting meets
  • Lever hooks and pins for easy upright adjustments
  • Steel rollers on upper bar holders for precise barbell placement
  • Adjustable safety spotter arms with rigid thermoplastic layering for equipment and surface protection
  • Removable bench with granulated spotter platform
  • Floor bolt holes for permanent fixtures
  • Thick steel construction with matte black powder coating
  • Colour: Black with polished steel elements

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Solid decent combo

Bought several items from Strength shop and always been happy with the quality! The combo is more solid than my other combo and members seem very happy with it

Great bit of kit

Heavy duty build quality which I just know I’m getting with SS, feels over built. Took me an hour and a half to assemble myself. Can bench by myself very easily now! Under competition standards. If you are competing this is for you.