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Riot Power Cage - 3mm Thick Steel

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We are proud to introduce the Strength Shop Riot Power Cage.

A beast of a cage, this new model will serve you well in commercial and home settings alike. The versatile and feature-rich cage is ideal for all types of strength training.


Depth: 147 cm

Width without band pegs: 123 cm

Width with band pegs: 141 cm

Height: 212 cm
(without pull up station, or with it flipped upside down: 208 cm)

Gross weight: 180 kg (approx)

Tube Size: 75 x 75 mm

Rated to 600 kg

The cage comes packed with the following features and ad ons:

- Strong 75 x 75 mm tube size

- 3mm thick steel

- Flat tube spotter arms

- 1 pair of Bar Holders included

- Additional J-hook in the end of the spotter arms for rows etc. outside the cage

- Straight Pull Up Bar

- 50 mm thick bar parallel pullup station in the back of the cage with two grip widths

- Adjustable dip handles

- Four band pegs with clips, holes for band pegs both on top and bottom

- Two barbell upright holders (width is for normal olympic size barbells)

- Bottom side cross sections raised off the floor allowing wide stance squats or sumo pulls in the cage

- Possibility to bolt it to the floor for extra stability (rear uprights only)

- Menacing black mat finish

NOTE: Angled Dip Horns and Plate Sleeves (both in photos) are optional extras that you can select from the dropdown menu, they are not standard issue. However the basic price includes standard straight dip handles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Riot Power Cage

I purchased the power cage for a home gym in which which I squat and lift heavy weights. I chose it because the description sounded good and because others had rated it highly. Strength Shop staff were very helpful when I queried the dimensions so that I was certain it would fit the space I have for it. The cage was dispatched rapidly and arrived in 2-3 days well packed and in several boxes. It was easy to carry the components to my gym and assembly was very straightforward using 19 mm sockets and power driver. The rack was in perfect condition with an excellent coat of paint and no marks or blemishes at all. When assembled it looked superb. The cage has a large internal area and because the cross members are raised off the floor it’s easy to slide a bench into position for chest or shoulder pressing within the cage. Squatting and deadlifting in the cage are great because of the large internal area and very sturdy nature of the cage. I agree with the comments of other reviewers that if you are looking for a "built like a tank” power cage in which to do some “serious weight training” then this is the cage for you. Thank you Strength Shop for this awesome Power Cage.

Rock solid top notch Power Cage

5 ☆☆☆☆☆ I ordered this some time ago but it was delayed due to covid unfortunately. I had looked at others and did in depth comparisons bit they all came a distant second. This is 180 kgs and about another 50 with the lat pulldown so nearly 1/4 of a ton of hardened steel. I don't feel the need to bolt it down unless I turn into the Incredible Hulk. It is relatively easy to put together but do actually look at the instructions a bit longer than a fleeting glance which I initially did, it will save time bolting and unbolting like a tool. This is 3mm compared to most others of 2 or 2.5mm and it makes a big difference. No matter what anyone says, size DOES matter. A relatively similar one with a brand name but no pulldown is 2k plus which is just far 2 much. The attachments of which there are many are just as robust and worth it. I intend to have this for many years to come and to get my wee boy into a but of training using this. This is a very worthwhile investment for the future. CUSTOMER SERVICE 5☆☆☆☆☆ Their patience is truly a virtue and what helps make SS a success, I have exchanged dozens of emails and they have always been helpful, polite and professional so thank you Dee, Matt and others. I do like the the laser cut SS insignia plate as it just sets it off. I highly recommend this and was worth the wait. NOTE: I do not receive anything for this review apart from maybe a pat on the back however I am susceptible to the odd bribe/kickback in return(nobody's perfect).

Built like a Tank

Fantastic customer service, fantastic quality of product. Will have a customer for life here, would highly recommend. Built like a tank, extremely robust, will last a lifetime.


High quality piece of kit. Reassuringly chunky construction. Bolts together easily using supplied parts and is rock solid. Can be bolted to ground but I haven't found this necessary as barely moves on my rubber gym floor (re-racking squats at 150kg). I was tight on space so I left off the vertical bar holders on the back, doesn't affect overall performance and reduces footprint. Plastic pads on j-hooks protect barbell knurling. I added the webbing safety straps, weight plate pins and landmine attachment, all of which are also excellent quality. I did tonnes of research before buying and have no regrets on this, an excellent piece of kit that can withstand way more than I would ever throw at it. As a bonus it also looks excellent with a great matte finish and subtle Strength Shop logo on the back top cross-member.

Maximum Iron
A must have piece of equipment

This is a must have for any gym, you cannot train to your fullest without top quality equipment. It was easy to put together, as it came with instructions. It is very solid, and sturdy; easily commercial quality. The cut-out logo, matt black paint, and numbering down the tubing gives it a really high quality finish. When we were looking for a rack, we looked at all the main brands, and the Strength Shop one came out on top. It matched, or beat the others on specifications, and was a very competitive price. We would highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about weight training.