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Thor Power Cage - Black

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Introducing our Thor Power Cage, the perfect environment for squatting, benching, pressing, and more. With a unique design that offers band hooks at both the top and bottom and a pull-up/chin-up attachment, the Power Cage is an excellent option for home gyms and commercial spaces. The J Hooks can be applied to either the front or the back of the cage to provide ease of use for a wide range of exercises.

The Thor Power Cage offers small increments for an adaptable range of height options for both the safety pins and J Hooks. It’s engineered with a steel frame to withstand a load capacity of up to 400kg.


It’s engineered with a durable 2mm steel frame to withstand a load capacity of up to 400kg. The cage is built to stand the test of time. The tubes are powder coated for rust resistance.

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  • Load capacity: 400kg
  • Material: 2mm Steel Frame
  • Overall footprint (including band pegs): 1600 x 1500 x 2150 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Gross weight: 94kg
  • Tube size: 60mm x 60mm
  • Space between front and back uprights: 887mm
  • Spotter bar diameter: 29mm
  • Space between Uprights (length of pull-up bar): 107cm
  • Centre of hole to centre of hole: 36mm (or 6-7 mm gap between holes)
  • Frame thickness: 2mm
  • Colour: Matte black


What exercises can I do in the Power Cage?
The cage will help you perform any powerlifting barbell lift safely. You can also use it for bodyweight movements, like pull-ups. The Power Cage is compatible with our dip horns.

What is the power cage made of? Will it rust? 
The outside of the cage tubes are powder-coated and rust-resistant. The Power Cage isn’t suitable for outdoor use.

How does the safety bar work?
The safety bars can be adjusted to different heights using small increments: so you can find the right set-up for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simon Bance
Good rack

For the price this is a very sturdy and usable power cage for a home gym. I chose it because compared to other similar racks on the UK market, this has smaller hole spacing. This means that for bench press I can choose a suitable height for the safety bars and squat alone safely. When the holes are farther apart the safeties are either too low to protect you or too high to get full range of motion and collide with the bar.
My main gripe is having to slide the safety bars through the holes. The fit is tight, it's slow and it makes the worst scraping sound. The black powder coating on the safeties is all scraped off now. It means I don't bother readjusting for squats and just keep it at the right height for bench. Would be great if the safeties were redesigned for quicker and easier adjustment.

Thor Power cage

Bought this Thor Power cage last week easy to put together haven't trained in 18 months due to injury, but wanted something better quality than my last cage to start again which this is. Very good product for the price. Only gripe is the catcher bar should have been flat with rubber along the length like some others and should be re-designed to adjust from the outside like the bar holders, and not to slide through holes drilled in the cage. If space is an issue then this will be difficult to line up insert. Otherwise a very good product which will last longer than the user

Lockdown gym buy

Started off lockdown with some squat racks and decided as time went on we were going to upgrade to a more permanent gym. Been a fab buy, and will stand strong for as long as I do! Thank you strength shop.