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Double Ply Thor Elbow Sleeves - Black

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Size: Small

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Why wear elbow sleeves?

Increased support: Elbow sleeves help to keep your elbow properly aligned during pressing movements, reducing the risk of injuries from poor form.

Improved circulation: The compression of elbow sleeves helps to stimulate blood flow, aiding in quicker recovery and reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Reduced risk of injury: By providing protective cushioning and support to the tendons and muscles, elbow sleeves can reduce the chance of strains and sprains. 

Enhanced performance: By keeping the elbow joint warm and compressed, elbow sleeves enable an improved range of motion, meaning you can lift more weight. 

Accelerated recovery: For those recovering from an injury or strain, elbow sleeves can provide therapeutic warmth and compression, speeding up the healing process.

Double-ply elbow sleeves

The Strength Shop Double-ply Thor Elbow Sleeves offer a high level of support, without restricting your mobility. They’re ideal for powerlifters, weightlifters, and strong(wo)men.

Sizing Guide

elbow sleeve sizing guide 

Size Measurements (inches)
Small 8-9 inches
Medium 9-10 inches
Large 10-11inches
X-Large 12-13 inches
XX-Large 13-14 inches
3XL 14 inches+


How do I wash the double-ply elbow sleeves?
Hand wash your double-ply elbow sleeves in cool water with a gentle detergent. After washing, gently press out any excess water and allow them to air dry flat. Refrain from using bleach and steer clear of machine drying.

What’s the advantage of using a double-ply elbow sleeve compared to single or triple-ply?
Double-ply elbow sleeves provide an enhanced level of support compared to single-ply, making them suitable for heavier lifting sessions or when more joint stability is desired. However, they offer more mobility (albeit less support) than triple-ply sleeves

How can I choose the correct size for my double-ply elbow sleeve?
Refer to the size chart provided and compare it to your forearm's measurement. A closer fit will give you the best combination of support and movement. If you prefer a less snug fit, it might be best to go one size larger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jay Atkins
Really pleased

Been suffering with golfers elbow and these sleeves have saved my workouts, genuinely pleased (size, fit and comfort)

Bruce Day
Good elbow support and quality material

Good elbow support and quality material

Simon Teears
Excellent item.

Great fitting sleeves. Really well made, like everything Strength shop sell.


Double Ply Thor Elbow Sleeves - Black

Ethan T
Great quality, great support

Excellent quality, excellent service. Ordered to the wrong address, called up and no hassle amending the delivery address. Cheers folks!