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Tapered Rubber Gym Mat Edge - 20mm (1000mm x 100mm)

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Tapered Rubber Gym Mat Edge Dimensions - 1000mm x 100mm 20mm

Tapered Rubber Gym Mat Edge is not only tough, but it is the ideal solution to finish off and complete the look of your rubber lifting platform.

Our tapered mat edges provide a gradient incline to your gym matting areas, ensuring your gym mat is easily accessible both for moving equipment and providing a platform which is simpler for all users to navigate. The tapered mat edge also reduces the trip hazard a straight edge gym mat can cause in a busy working gym!

For easy installation use rubber mat glue, just apply to the mats to secure them together. (please see main listing for instructions on how to store and use glue)
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On gym floors the most diverse requirements are needed. They should not only be tough, but also mute the sound. An attractive appearance is a must. These recyclable, environmental friendly fitness mats have true hidden forces and are developed specifically for the professional market. A beautiful floor in the dumbbell space to optimise damping in your weightlifting space.

The advantages:
• Anti-slip, even on a wet surface
• Noise and vibration damping
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor
• Thermal conductivity 0.14 W.m2K
• 100% recyclable

Technical data:
Dimensions: 1000 mm x 100 mm per tile
Thickness: 20 mm
Material: SBR granulate (made from European tyres), temperature bonded with PU-binder.
Weight per tile: 5 Kg
Weight tolerance: - 5% / +8%
Size tolerance thickness: +/- 8%
Size tolerance length-width: +/- 1,5 %
Product properties: water- and frost resistant / suitable for indoor and outdoor use / shock- and sound absorbing / anti-slip / REACH
Behaviour to fire: do not expose to open fire and/or higher temperature than 200⁰C.

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