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Seal Row Bench

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Introducing a classic old school piece of weightlifting training equipment for Seal rows/Chinese rows.

These days found only at older weightlifting clubs in Europe, the Seal row bench is a fantastic addition to assistance training. Mainly favoured by Olympic weightlifters, but also by powerlifters as an antagonistic bench movement, and other strength athletes. No longer do you need to simulate this bench with an unstable construction of a flat bench placed on stacked pile of bumper plates or plyo boxes!

The movement hits the strength, stability and thickness of the lats without putting pressure on the lower back.


Length - 100cm
Width - 110cm
Height - 88cm
Pad - 100cm x 30cm x 6.5cm
Height from floor to 1st Bar Holder - 28cm
Height from floor to 2nd Bar Holder - 38cm
Height from floor to 3rd Bar Holder - 48cm
Distance between outside pegs - 107cm
Distance between inside pegs - 18cm

Weight approx 30kg

Bar pegs rated to 150kg.
Overall rating of bench rated to 300kg.

*Plates and bar not included

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Seal Row Bench
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