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Strength Shop Riot Monster Loadable Dumbbell

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Monster dumbell press is one of the classic strongman events. With this loadable dumbell you can train your press starting at approx 36kg when the dumbell is empty, up to approximately 105kg (with thin 5kg steel plates).

The dumbbell is the same specifications as those used in top level strongman competitions, including a 50mm thick handle.

We recommend getting strong collars for keeping the plates tight and safe. You can select the recommended collars from the drop down menu below at a discounted price. TPR collars are the strongest but screw clamp collars also provide the security needed for safe use.

Dimensions (in mm):

Total length - 545

Total Diameter - 270

Handle Diameter - 51

Handle Length - 150

Plate Pin Length - 190

Plate Pin Diameter - 51

Maximum Plate Diameter - 258

Weight - Approx. 36 kg empty

PLEASE NOTE: Monster dumbbells are heavy, especially with added weight. Please take care when lowering the dumbbell, and only drop on to soft mats, plyo boxes, or car tyres.
Strength Shop Riot Monster Loadable Dumbbell
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