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Strength Shop Adjustable Yoke Training Station

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Strength Shop Adjustable Yoke Training Station

Strength Shop yoke, which doubles as a training station for squatting and benching.

Yoke is a staple strongman event, fantastic for building core strength and fitness.

This Yoke is very easily adjustable in height and has 50 mm loading pins suitable for Olympic plates.

As a training station you can do your squats and pressing out of it too. It comes with catchers/safety bars by default, which you can either squat or bench from. 60mm J-hooks can be also used with the Yoke, add these by selecting from the options below.

The catchers are easily removable for use as an adjustable yoke.


Frame: 2.5 mm steel
Upright support: 4 mm steel

Uprights: 60 mm x 60 mm

Width: ca. 123.5 cm
Space between uprights: 110 cm
Height: ca. 188 cm
Depth: ca.102 cm
Weight: ca. 42 kg

Lowest pin height: 61 cm
Highest pin height: 180.5 cm

Length catcher: 35 cm

Length loading pins: 29 cm

Rated to 250 kg dead weight for the catchers.

Please note:
We recommend using weights on the pins at all times to increase the stability of the base.
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