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Strengthshop Figure of 8 Lifting Straps - Heavy Duty

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Strengthshop Figure of 8 Lifting Straps - Heavy Duty

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Heavy duty figure of 8 straps, eliminates the set up time at the bar and any risk of the straps slipping mid lift.

Increasingly popular amongst the world's elite strongmen and athletes, we have designed these with maximum robustness and comfort in mind.

Approx Dimentions:
Medium - 30cm length, 9cm wide.
Large - 32cm length, 11cm wide.
X-Large - 34cm length, 14cm wide.
Strap width - 4cm

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

strong, comfortable and easy to use
Had a pair for a few months now - use for the heavier sets on my deadlifts and rack pulls - can't praise them highly enough. Review by Edward Green (the kettlebell one) / (Posted on 14/09/2018)
Really, really Good.....
Thought these little Goldmines deserve a proper review so here goes:

Bought these after seeing Eddie Hall using the same style for his 500Kg Deadlift and having a few niggling problems with traditional lifting straps. Once strapped in I was either over tightening my old ones losing circulation almost in my hands even before the lift, or my hands were getting that sweaty that I was losing grip of the actual strap in the lift, or occasionally I was messing up the rolling of the straps round the bar meaning I'd have to unroll and start all over again. All of this when kneeling in the hole is costing energy and mental strength all of which is a total nightmare when getting ready for a big lift! So took a chance after months of debating whether they'd really make a difference and wish I'd ordered them so much sooner. Set up time is literally a couple of seconds passing them under the bar and when it comes to the lift all you have to think about is standing up with the bar - I mean they literally make it so much easier that as long as your hand is holding the bar rather than squeezing the hell out of it all the weight just goes through your arms. Much less painful than standard straps round your wrists and you can just put every bit of your energy into the lift rather than making sure the straps don't unroll/are tight enough at the beginning etc. Awesome product...... Review by James / (Posted on 03/07/2017)
Easy to use, comfortable.
Ordered a set of these a few weeks ago for when my grip is shot after a deadlifting session, so i'm using them for rows, high pulls (snatch movement), and other similar style pulls. They're extremely comfortable once they get broken in a little bit, and far more user-friendly for me than traditional "rolling" straps. Review by Roo. / (Posted on 23/11/2016)