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Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Elbow Sleeves - Yellow/Black

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Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Elbow Sleeves - Yellow/Black

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Strengthshop Thor super heavy double ply elbow sleeves (price per pair).

To get your measurement/size please measure round the middle of the knee/elbow when straight.

The original and best strongman sleeve. The first double ply sleeve in the UK and has been one of the most popular sleeves since!

The double ply material of our Thor sleeves gives great compression and support for your joints. Made from a polyester blend these sleeves will withstand the test of time and have been proven to do so time and time again. Thor double ply sleeves will help a great deal with any pressing movements and improve your strength in these areas due to the elasticated design of the sleeve!

They will also help alleviate any pain/swelling of the joints during and after your workout.

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Great double ply Thor elbow sleeves. Fantastic quality at a low price - these won't disappoint. Elbow sleeve support, set of 2 (two) to provide support for elbows during all kinds of strength training activities.

Customer Reviews 18 item(s)

I had been having some elbow pain while overhead pressing for a while, so I thought I should invest in some elbow sleeves and these didn't disappoint. Fit really well, gives good compression around the elbow and the pain has disappeared. Definitely recommend to anyone. My elbow circumference is 12' and I bought the XXL first but found it a bit to tight for my liking, exchanged them from the XXXL and fits like a dream. Review by Joe / (Posted on 25/01/2016)
Bought these recently after owning the knee sleeves for 4 years. They are fantastic! The sizing was spot on, easy to slip on and off and they give an extra confidence boost when I'm benching or pressing. My only regret is perhaps not going for the Odin which are even stiffer. Review by Des / (Posted on 06/01/2016)
Have a lot of problems with bicep tendinitis causing pain during pressing movements, the sleeves have really helped relieve this. Would recommend getting a size up if you're in between the two sizes. Review by Eddy / (Posted on 09/01/2015)
Love these, very very good, and so refreshing to have sizing done correctly, *cough* Rehband *cough* Review by Rick / (Posted on 01/04/2014)
Legit Lock-Out
Got these a few days ago but only just got to use them yesterday. So far quite impressed, I'll do some Pros and Cons and a what to expect and some Tips as well.


Well made item, sturdy but flexible
Supports elbow while not being restrictive
Easy to put on/take off
Improve lockout on overhead press


None yet


Expect a good snug fit while not being overly restrictive, you'll find a good "snap" to your lockout. Personally I reckon I should have spent a few extra quid and went up to the tripple plys, However, this is a great product and a good intermediate item and I have no complaints at all. Do not expect to hit a PR on day one of use, this is not the same thing as a squat suit but its pretty close when you figure out how far up your arm you want the sleeve for best results.


If after a few sets you find it difficult to put your sleeves on, cover your arms in chalk.
When you go to take the sleeves off just roll it down from the top so you don't have to battle it to take it off.
To put it on put your hand through,grab the top edge with your other hand and bunch some up then pull forcefully in one motion otherwise you'll be doing cardio trying to get them on haha

Hope this review helps.
Wookypowaa Review by Wooky / (Posted on 25/02/2014)
I've been suffering with tendonitis in my elbows (injury not related to the gym by the way) for about 9 months now.

Anyway I bought these as I though I would start training around my injury but wanted something to give me good support and they are great. They do take a little getting used to while putting them on but I had a little session last night and I had no pain and no pain today! They seem very durable!

My measurement was 31cm so on the top end of Large, I went for XL like the other reviews suggested and I'm glad I did, I can't image getting them on if they were smaller. If you do struggle, try a little talc.

Great support, great product, would recommend!!! Review by Craig Addyman / (Posted on 05/12/2013)
great best elbow sleeves ever used
i bought size larger than chart says to but im really happy with purchse they fit great Review by jerom / (Posted on 03/07/2013)
Absolutely Brilliant
Bought these to help with my tennis elbow, which made lifting heavy pretty much impossible, i expected them to help a bit but the actual result was much better then i expected! i started adding weights again and fell next to no pain at all.

The only thing i would like to point out is sizing, get size bigger i did it after reading previous reviews and they fit perfectly, cant imagine being able to put smaller ones on. Review by Luk / (Posted on 18/04/2013)
Great sleeves!
These give a few extra lbs to my press, which is all I needed. They also provide warmth and give me confidence. If you're on the cusp of two sizes, go for the larger of the two.

Excellent product, great quality and can't be beat on price. Review by London Boot Camp / (Posted on 10/03/2013)
After two elbow injuries I wanted some sleeves that'd be sturdy and supportive and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered a size that was a bit to small and was exchanged quickly within a week in time for my first comp. Top product and 1st class service. Review by Luke / (Posted on 08/01/2013)
buy bigger!
Good product but buy a size bigger than you need otherwise after a few reps they become too tight! Review by Robert / (Posted on 24/09/2012)
Great stuff
Won't turn you into Big Loz, but still great for pressing! Review by Ewen / (Posted on 15/06/2012)
No forearm pains anymore while pressing,great support and quality/price is fabulous...thank you and greetings here from Finland! Review by Janne / (Posted on 29/05/2012)
a must for any presser
I use these on overheads and bench pressing and can easily attribute 5kg to these alone, they are phenomenal. Warmth, comfort and support, ideal for strongman and any other training. Review by Paul-Michael / (Posted on 27/05/2012)
Great for steel bending
I'd started getting severe pain in between my bicep & tricep after reverse bending. I wore the sleeves at the British Grip championship and got a massive PR with no pain at all-great product! Review by Mark M-D / (Posted on 23/05/2012)
Great product, amazing delivery.
Thought I'd give these a try after injuring tendons in my right elbow/bicep. Ordered them on 28th December and they arrived on the 30th. Wasn't expecting them until at least the New Year! Tried them out ad what a difference they make, no pain in my elbow or bicep and forearm after a seriously hard pressing session.
All in all, great effective product and amazingly quick delivery, well done Strengthshop!!! Review by shortandmighty / (Posted on 30/12/2011)
Can't wait
A very quick delivery, thank you very much, i can't wait to get in the gym in the new year and try these beasts out!! Review by David / (Posted on 30/12/2011)
Thor elbow sleeves
ordered these on mon and arrived very quickly on wed, i used them for log press and single arm dumbell press i found the quality outstanding they kept my elbows warm and supported and i would say that they added a good 10 to 15kg on my log press i used these in conjunction with thor knee sleeves which also helped in the press so overall would highly recommend. Review by Charlie / (Posted on 14/12/2011)