Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Knee Sleeves - Yellow/Black

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Double Ply Thor Knee Sleeves - YELLOW/BLACK
Strengthshop 'Thor' super heavy double ply knee sleeves (price per pair).

To get your measurement/size please measure round the middle of the knee/elbow when straight.

The original and best strongman sleeve. The first double ply sleeve in the UK and has been one of the most popular sleeves since!

The double ply material of our Thor sleeves gives great compression and support for your joints. Made from a polyester blend these sleeves will withstand the test of time and have been proven to do so time and time again. Thor double ply sleeves will help a great deal with any squatting movement and improve your strength in these areas due to the elasticated design of the sleeve!

They will also help alleviate any pain/swelling of the joints during and after your workout.

As seen in the photographs being used by world class strongman Laurence Shahlaei, and GB weightlifters Michaela Breeze and Helen Jewell.

Video of Del McQueen squatting 310kg in the sleeves;

NOTE: Strength shop logo patch may be different from photo.

Great double ply 'Thor' knee sleeves, part of the new Strengthshop range. Fantastic quality at a low price - these won't disappoint.

Knee sleeve support, set of 2 (two) to provide support for knees during all kinds of strength training activities.
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