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Glute Ham Developer - Compact Model

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Glute Ham Developer - Compact Model

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Glute Ham Developer - Compact Model, ideal for those with limited amount of space.

The compact version of our GHD is excellent for garage or home set ups where space is at a premium. Floor based, making it very stable and at only 35kg it's easy to move out the way and store if you need to get the car into the garage.

This product has been improved from the original model to include a lip on the knee pad for improved comfort and durability.

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Glute Ham Developer - Compact Model

Weight 35kg

Adjustable horizontally (6 settings) from 1320 to 1600mm in length

Foot plate 450mmx500mm

Middle of foot pad to foot plate 160mm

550mm Wide
Adjustable vertically (6 settings) from 100mm to 330mm

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Excellent quality and design
I bought this because I had limited space and needed a more compact piece of equipment. I had never purchased anything from Strengthshop before and had no recommendations from my training partners. Having used glute/ham developers before as part of my S&C programme whilst a track and field athlete, I knew the great benefit this piece of kit offered.

I took the plunge and am glad I did! This is very well made and a substantial bit of kit. If space is at a premium and budget is important this would be an excellent purchase. Review by Richie the 'Brick' / (Posted on 20/09/2019)
High quality, excellently made.
This is a very well made piece of kit, right down to the paint finish. Fits together perfectly with no twist or wobble. The leg length adjustments, seem spot on - I'm 5'11 and my feet are flush against the plate with my knees touching the pad at my chosen setting. The pads are very robust and well crafted. No staples haphazardly banged in by a blind man to be found! Excellent price for an excellent product. Review by Jason / (Posted on 11/08/2018)
Excellent service, awesome quality piece of gym kit
From the moment that I decided to 'push the switch' on this purchase, I was immediately impressed by the level of communication and the delivery process from 'Strength shop'. I was thanked for my business, and notified along every step of the way as to exact delivery time (which was between 11 and 12 the very next morning!) and had the ability to alter that to a time slot more suitable if necessary.

The machine itself is even more substantial than I thought it would be, comprised of top quality materials, with a professional quality finish. They have certainly not skimped when it comes to quality. The thigh/shin/knee pads are thick, hard wearing and comfortable, building and improving on the old V1 design by having enhanced protection in the position where the kneecaps begin contact with the pad (So be wary if you spy a cheaper V1 on eBay. V2 has remedied that comfort issue). I myself am over 240 pounds and did not find it uncomfortable, or indeed did I find it necessary to weight the unit, as it remained stable without.

The unit comes in two pieces which I have found to improve ease of carriage and storage (as floor space is a premium in my home gym) and is fully adjustable to a variety of body types, leg lengths etc, and has the facility to add bands to the front if you require that added resistance.

I have until now been fooling myself that my posterior chain was tip top by completing weekly reps of 45-degree hyperextensions. The glute-ham raise shattered those illusions and has been a real eye opener!! I have begun with self-assisted reps (Almost a ballistic pushup, focussing mind muscle connection on glute and ham contraction), and hope to progress to full straight back reps through intelligent programming, over time.

All in all, a very worthwhile addition to anyone's home or commercial gym. Can also be used for sit-ups Roman chair style. I love it already! Review by Pure Truth Speaker / (Posted on 20/10/2017)
Excellent product, excellent service
I got one of these a few weeks ago and have used it a lot. It's a great, well made piece of kit that hits your posterior chain hard. It's easy to assemble, and delivery was quick. A defect with one of the pads was sorted out very quickly, excellent customer service. Review by paul / (Posted on 27/12/2013)
Great piece of equipment
Bought this a few weeks ago and only set up yesterday. Takes 2 minutes to put the 2 main pieces together (everything else already assembled in the 2 boxes). I can't seem to find any gyms with this GHR machine - I don't know why as it is such a useful exercise for improving your squat/deadlift etc. Highly recommended at this price and easy to just stand up out of the way - my wife actually thinks the size isn't bad! Review by bobbydrake / (Posted on 30/09/2013)
This is a serious piece of kit that is very well made for home use. The pictures do not do it justice and is easy to assemble to two pices together upon deliver.
I was uncertain prior to ordering but took the plunge and was seriously impressed when it arrived.
Great service from Strength Shop. Review by T2725 / (Posted on 15/07/2013)
A good intro to the world of the posterior chain
At £230 normal price and £170 when on offer this small GHR offers great value for money with a small footprint. It's fully adjustable which is rare to find on a GHR with a price tag this low. Built to last and has minimal wobble when loaded with plates to the rear.

My only criticism is that the padding is prone to splitting at the bottom.

Rapid delivery and great customer service from Strength Shop as always! Review by Rich / (Posted on 30/01/2013)
Solid GHR machine
We bought this because we were looking for a sturdy compact GHR machine to beast our athletes posterior chain. It's safe to say we are delighted with it. Tested it up to 125kg body weight and no issues at all. Great bit of kit! Review by Elite Sporting Performance / (Posted on 15/06/2012)
Great Product for Novices to Advanced
I purchased this over four months ago and it has been used repeatedly everyday. Worth every penny, my clients have learnt to love this piece of kit. Built to last, saves on space, comfortable split pad, great design features such as the weight holder at the back to eliminate instability that other full size economy GHR often bring. Fully adjustable to suit all sizes and levels of intensity.

Perfect for assisted reps whether with bands attached safely to the frame or with the help of a small push off the floor for those final extra reps. Even Delivery time was rapid! Thank you, StrengthShop, for introducing this product. The Elitefts of the UK……with even more value for money!
Coach Ben, CSCS, www.crosstrain-fitness.co.uk Review by Coach Ben, CSCS / (Posted on 01/02/2012)

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